Alexandra Leduc and Pep&Lime

I know exactly how you feel when there is a small inner voice telling you that something is missing in your life. To want more than our job can offer, to discover the world or simply change our daily routine of commuting and work because we lack time to take care of ourself. Too often, we don’t want to listen to this voice, to this dream calling for us because it means going out of our comfort zone, even if it doesn’t make us happy.

Because it means coping with our fears and our beliefs. It’s scary, but it’s the thing to do if you want to feel fulfilled, deeply free and aligned with your true self.

I know this because I was living through this recently. I was unhappy with a job that I had once loved. I didn’t want to see the truth. I stoped feeling connected to myself, and I had to find a solution. Being so deeply rooted, the discomfort led me to listen to this little voice.

What I’ve learned over the years is that if you connect to yourself and listen to your inner voice, your desires and your dreams, you will discover a life and possibilities beyond our expectations. But for that you need the spark. That inner spark, which will transform into a flame and allow you to go forward and to change without fear or wanting to look back.

I am a catalyst to ignite your spark

And that’s where I come in! I know how to remove your inner barriers that block you from accessing this spark. This spark that will allow you to make your unique gifts blossom.

My tools

To achieve this, I use doTerra pure essential oils, the Infinite Success ™ method and my intuition when I connect to your energy. Thanks to the work we do together and the use of essential oils, you can quickly, simply and effortlessly reconnect to yourself and activate your spark to achieve what you want.

Isn’t it exciting? A simple path that I help to walk on to accomplish everything you want!!

Who Am I?
Hi there! I’m Alexandra. I’m a mother of a little girl, and I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

I graduated in nutrition and biochemistry and I’m a photographer, an Essential oil certified coach and Infinite Success ™ leader. I’m passionate about global and emotional health for women. After several years of exhaustion, being pregnant and questioning my career, I decided to make a 180 degree turn in my life.


I embraced the « slow living » movement, that now includes slow parenting, and I fell in love with essential oils, which totally changed my life. I then found the courage to reorganise my professional life and realign my career with whom I had become, that is to say, the true Alexandra: creative, intuitive and connected to her spirituality.

That’s where Pep & Lime came from, along with the desire to help women grow personally, achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Because let’s be honest, it’s easy to forget ourselves. I sincerely and deeply believe that women have the potential to change the world, but to get there, we must make our inner spark that is sleeping in each one of us shine.

My certifications